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Backpackers Holiday Insurance

What does Backpackers Travel Insurance usually cover?

  Trips throughout the world (usually from 31 days to 18 months per trip)
  Winter sports cover can be included per year
  Baggage declaration for further saving
  Adventure Sports may be included for free
  Children under 18 may go free
  24 hr emergency help line and medical rescue

What exactly is Backpackers insurance?

For many people backpacking is the only way to travel as it gives you the chance to experience the culture of the many countries you visit, whether in Europe, America, Asia or Australia. Backpacking is especially popular with students, especially those taking a Gap Year.

Arranging decent backpackers insurance is just as important as thinking about where you are going to go on your travels. Your holiday adventure could end up being a disaster if you haven't arranged adequate holiday insurance to cover unforeseen events.

If you have the right backpackers insurance or gap year insurance cover, you can enjoy your trip safe in the knowledge that should you fall ill or have an accident you'll be able to get the necessary medical treatment you need. Not every country has a free health service like we do in Great Britain and you could find yourself facing a large, ever increasing, medical bill if you fall ill abroad without the right travel insurance.

Although backpackers usually travel light, you still risk risk losing your personal possessions such as your camera or mp3 player or having them stolen whist travelling. Good backpackers holiday insurance will allow you to replace them or will ensure that a loss doesn't become a financial crisis too.

Some backpackers insurance will also allow you to add cover for hazardous sports and activities that are not covered in standard holiday insurance policies such as off-piste skiing and para-gliding.

Many holiday insurance companies offer all-inclusive travel insurance whilst backpacking, trip cancellation insurance and holiday insurance. Additional features can include temporary car insurance, health insurance, medical insurance and prescription services whilst you are travelling.

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