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Single Trip Holiday Insurance

Whilst it is not currently compulsary to have holiday insurance or travel insurance, it is highly recommended. Single trip travel insurance usually covers things such as a stolen purse or wallet, an accident or an illness whilst you are away, and damaged or lost luggage.

Generally, most holiday insurance companies will cover any person up to the age of 65, but some companies offer holiday insurance that will cover over 65s too.

If you book a holiday through a high street travel agent you may be offered their own "in house" holiday insurance. Traditionally, this used to be taken by the majority of people, but more and more people are now seeking out their own holiday insurance.

If you are looking for single trip holiday insurance it may be worth booking your holiday or making your travel arrangements first so that you have the exact details of your trip when looking for online holiday insurance or phoning a travel insurance broker.

If you travel more than once a year it may be worth considering annual travel insurance (also known as multi trip travel insurance) which allows multiple trips for up to a year and should work out cheaper than purchasing single trip travel insurance each time you travel.

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