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Tesco holiday insurance

Tesco travel insurance offers a travel insurance product for single trip holiday or annual multi-trip travel.

Tesco travel insurance is just one of the insurance products offered by Tesco, the leading supermarket.

The single trip travel insurance policy is great for the family holiday or trip abroad but an annual multi-trip holiday insurance policy is available if everyone to be covered lives at the same UK address.

Restrictions of the holiday insurance product may include things such as nobody travelling has any pre-existing medical conditions, nobody is planning to take part in any unusual or hazardous activities and nobody is aware of any reason why the trip might be cancelled or cut short.

In addition to the single trip and annual travel insurance products on offer, Tesco also offer winter sports insurance covering activities such as skiing and snowboarding on-piste (as well as off-piste with a qualified instructor). The winter sports policy also covers piste closure, winter sports equipment and ski passes.

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